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From 30% to 70% own energy supply

The S³ Smart Solar Storage buffers your solar electricity in a compact but very powerful lithium batteryinstead of injecting your surplus solar energy into the distribution grid. As soon as your self-generated energy is no longer enough to power your devices, the S³ jumps in. The energy stored in the battery is then fed back into your own electricity grid via the integrated converter. If your battery is empty, the distribution grid will still help out until the next sunny day. Battery storage increases your private energy supply from 30% to 70%. 

With the S³ you also increase your independence in the event of a power outage.
Freezer, refrigerator, PC, CH pump, ... continue to function via the integrated emergency power functionality (No-Break).

How much autonomy do I have with a 6.4kWh battery capacity?
In the winter mode (battery always fully charged) and 500W of consumption (e.g. freezer, CH pump and several energy-saving lamps), you’ll have an autonomy of around 10 hours.