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High Energy Lithium Ion batteries and BMS from Victron Energy

Victron Energy introduces 2 new High Energy (HE) Lithium Ion batteries with associated BMS, 24V-100Ah and 24V-200Ah. The batteries can be connected in series (up to 48V) and parallel (up to 64 units). The batteries have a lifespan of 2000 cycles at 80% DoD. The compact size and low weight (28.6 kg for 5kWh) are strong assets.

The compact "all-in-one" Lynx-Ion BMS significantly reduces installation time and features 4 secured battery connections, 4 secured DC outputs, a security relay, a shunt and a BMS. That considerably simplifies installation.

The entire installation can be operated and monitored, also remotely, through the Color Control GX or Venus GX.

More info in this datasheet and on