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How can I protect my installation (Phoenix Inverter / Multi / Quattro) with an earth leakage circuit breaker?

Inverters and Multi's are safety class I products (supplied with a ground terminal for safety purposes).
Its AC input and/or output terminals and/or grounding point on the outside of the product must be provided with an uninterruptable grounding point for safety purposes.

  1. The Phoenix Inverter Compact has a free floating AC output. The grounding point located externally on the product must be used to ground the chassis. The neutral output wire must be connected to ground to ensure proper functioning of a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter).
  2. Phoenix Multi / MultiPlus Compact / Quattro: the output neutral wire will automatically be bonded to the chassis when no external AC source is available (backfeed / safety relay open and product running in inverter mode). When an external AC source is provided, the ground relay opens before closure of the backfeed / safety relay. Once closed, the backfeed / safety relay ensures that the neutral to ground bond is provided by the external AC source. This is to ensure proper functioning of a GFCI to be installed in the AC output of the Multi/MultiPlus.
  • In a fixed (for example terrestrial) installation an uninterrupted chassis ground may be provided by the AC input ground wire.
  • In case of a mobile installation (connection to input AC with a shore power cord), the ground connection is lost when the shore power cord is unplugged. In this case the chassis of the product or the on - board section of the input ground wire must be connected to the frame (of the vehicle) or the ground plate or hull (of a boat).
  • Marine applications: due to the potential for galvanic corrosion it is in general not acceptable to connect the shore side ground to the ground plate or hull of the boat. The proper and safe solution is to install an isolation transformer.