Iris Energy

Iris Energy manufactures energy storage systems for industrial and commercial applications with a capacity range of 50 kW to several MW. Each system consists of at least a power module (inverter) and a battery module. The modular concept allows functions to be added, such as UPS, peak shaving or a DC/AC charging system for electric vehicles.

The Multi-Use concept

The Multi-Use concept has been developed so that various functions can be used at the same time:

  • as a permanent power supply for your critical users, unaffected by power failures or grid fluctuations (UPS);
  • to reduce your energy bills. The energy storage system from Iris Energy allows you to store the energy that you generate (solar, wind, ...) for subsequent use. It can also be used for peak shaving or to compensate reactive power;
  • as a charging station for electric vehicles using AC or DC charging;
  • to supplement the power available;
  • as an off-grid energy system;
  • as a participant in the energy market (grid support, grid transition, ...).

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Iris Energy Storage System (ESS)

In principle, an IRIS battery storage system consists of at least one storage unit (batteries, BMS, controller) and a power unit (inverter) and, thanks to its modular design, can be configured optimally or adapted subsequently to the customer's requirements.

The integrated inverter was developed specially for the energy storage application in cooperation with the experts of the Technical University of Nuremburg. Three capacity classes are available:

  • S 30-50 kW
  • M 100 kW
  • L 200 kW 

The storage unit (400-1000 VDC) consists as standard of 50 kWh modules with Lithium NMC cells. These have a forecast working life of 8000 cycles at 1C/1C - 25°C and 100% DoD. 

On request, other battery types can be supplied (e.g. LIFePO4).

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PV DC connection via DC/DC converter

Via a DC/DC converter (MPP), solar energy can be stored directly in the battery. In comparison with standard PV inverters, there are no losses due to the conversion from DC to AC and back again.
A DC/DC converter can also be used to power a DC grid.
These converters are available in 50 kW, 100 kW and 200 kW. 

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UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply

Optionally, an Iris ESS can be used as a UPS with a switch-over time of less than 10 ms. It is also used to compensate voltage fluctuations and phase inequalities in the power supply.

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An IRIS Energy storage system can also be used as a charging system for electric cars. High-Speed DC charging can be carried out up to 150 kW. Due to direct charging with PV energy, an efficiency gain of 50% can be achieved.

Of course, AC charging is also possible.

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Interface and data logging

All parameters can be set and the ESS supervised and monitored on-site via the integrated 11" touchscreen. Remote monitoring and data logging are available as standard via the Communication interface with Ethernet RJ 45, RS 485, CAN, Modbus and analogue inputs and outputs. 

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Custom systems

Due to the modular character of the Multi-Use concept, all sorts of combinations are possible. Different voltages, higher ratings (+200 kW) or outdoor setups are no problem for the Iris Energy team.

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