Semi off-grid system

Grid-connected inverters always have to be type-approved by Synergrid. Only a limited number of Victron Energy inverters meet all the requirements, which means that we come up against a number of limitations in grid-connected installations. The many constraints imposed by Synergrid also restrict creative solutions.

Our semi off-grid system is a solution for this. With this system, we work off-grid as much as possible; completely off-grid is unrealistic in Belgium. So a generator often has to be provided, but these are expensive, noisy and polluting. On the other hand, the grid is still the cheapest power supply.

With a balanced semi off-grid energy system, we operate off-grid for 8-9 months per year, and only use the grid during the dark winter months. When the switch-over occurs, the off-grid system is first completely disconnected before consumers are connected to the grid; this is the 'break before make' principle. The interruption is so short that it does not adversely affect electrical appliances, and everything can just keep on working without a hitch. With our automatic transfer switch, we are no longer covered by the Synergrid rules, and are free to choose the devices.

This Transfer Switch is suitable for both a single-phase and 3-phase system and is available in 40A or 80A.

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