Off-grid system

An off-grid system is one that is not connected to the electricity grid, so the system functions entirely autonomously. The energy from the solar panels is stored in batteries for use when the sun isn´t shining. In Belgium, the winter months are long and dark, and a generator is often necessary as a back-up to make it through this period. Another solution is our semi off-grid system. Increasingly, holiday cottages, tiny houses, etc. are entirely off-grid. The consumption here is often lower than in our own principal place of residence and we generally spend less time in them during the winter.

We develop an off-grid system that is always tailored specifically to the individual customer. It is important to have a clear picture of the consumers and the desired autonomy. The Victron Energy system planner can help you with a first calculation of how many solar panels and batteries you will need, and how large the converter capacity has to be. This produces only a rough indication, however, therefore don´t hesitate to further discuss the results with us so that we can do a customised calculation for you.

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