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Explosion-proof solutions must comply with the latest edition of the ATEX directive and the underlying standards. This page contains information to help you make sure that your projects satisfy the legal requirements.


Basic Ex training: this practical course clarifies the different protection methods and application options. The course is interactive so that your own ‘Ex-problem’ is addressed.
Advanced ATEX114 directive course: a detailed explanation of the ATEX114 directive with space for exercises and practical examples so that you can become familiar with its use.

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Frequently asked questions

Are you looking for the rules concerning the use of Barrier Glands?
Do you wish to understand the meaning of the different characters in the Exn classification?

The link below will take you to frequently asked questions about explosion protection, ATEX, construction of electrical panels, marking, etc.

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ATEX directives

The links mentioned hereafter refer to the website of the European Commisson with official texts of Directives, Guidelines, etc.:

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Ex in a nutshell

Are you new in Ex or do you want to refresh your knowledge? Download “Standards and principles”: a brief overview and clarification of the standards and principles that are applicable to Ex equipment. Here, you can find the different protection methods and the classification into groups, temperature classes and zones. There is also a brief explanation of EPL (Equipment Protection Level) and the possible certification procedures.

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