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We have a wide range of explosion-proof products and complete solutions in accordance with the European ATEX directive. We build custom-made switchboxes ourselves, and deliver them very quickly. We can even ship terminal boxes within 24 hours! We supply high-quality solutions for industrial sites with gas or explosion hazards.

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  • Enclosures, terminal boxes, construction site boxes
  • Explosionproof lighting
  • Signalling
  • Switches, control units, sockets and plugs
  • Heating
  • Man - machine interface
  • Cable glands and accessories
  • Eaton-MTL products
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Custom built electrical panels

We develop custom solutions for gas or dust atmospheres. We’ll guide your project from analysis to delivery. Every solution complies with the ATEX directive and is delivered with all the legally required documents.

Analysis, advice, build and delivery in one place

By investing in extensive production facilities with modern CNC machinery, we deliberately choose to...


Certified solutions

All our assembled panels are certified under EU-type examination category 2G/2D (zone 1/21) or if ap...


Complete testing

All custom panels or products that we assemble in our own workshop are tested thoroughly. That means...


Our customers

Ysebaert has built up references in various industries regarding explosion-proof solutions and products. We develop total solutions that offer operational reliability from offshore platforms to clean rooms in laboratories or food production. We work directly with the end client or with installers and system integrators.

Oil and gas industry

For the oil and gas industry, we develop solutions and deliver products for: Refineries Offshore...


Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

For the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, we develop solutions and deliver products for: Rubb...


Waste processing

For the waste management industry, we develop solutions and deliver products for: Water purificat...


Food industry

For the food industry, we develop solutions and deliver products for: Livestock feed producers S...



Explosion-proof solutions must comply with the latest edition of the ATEX directive and the underlying standards. This page contains information to help you make sure that your projects satisfy the legal requirements.


Basic Ex training: this practical course clarifies the different protection methods and application...


Frequently asked questions


ATEX directives

The links mentioned hereafter refer to the website of the European Commisson with official texts of...


Ex in a nutshell

Are you new in Ex or do you want to refresh your knowledge? Download “Standards and principles...


Frequently asked questions

Are you looking for the rules concerning the use of Barrier Glands?
Do you wish to understand the meaning of the different characters in the Exn classification?

The link below will take you to frequently asked questions about explosion protection, ATEX, construction of electrical panels, marking, etc.



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Autonomous floodlight for zone 0

The FlexLight is an easy to carry and ready for use autonomous floodlight. This floodlight is certif...


Lora I/O module

Lora is a protocol of Telecommunication which allows the transmission of little packages of data far...


Project in the spotlight: temporary lighting in tanks

Special equipment must be used when working inside a tank (typically in order to clean it). Aft...


Antennas for zone 1

Wi-Fi signals are being used ever more frequently in the ATEX zone as well. We can supply special co...