About Ysebaert

Ysebaert offers you high-quality products and professional advice for implementing electrical engineering solutions. We offer you a wide range of:

  • explosion-proof products such as: ATEX housings, ATEX lighting and signalling, installation equipment and materials. Our speciality: custom-made terminal boxes, switch boxes and control cabinets;
  • hybrid energy systems: we can develop off/on-grid systems for you, and supply the necessary products, such as a (home) battery, solar panels, battery chargers, inverters, water-cooled generators, ...;
  • marine and offshore lighting: high-quality light fittings, navigation lighting, searchlights and installation equipment and materials

Our engagement

Through a partnership with strong brands, we offer high quality, reliable products. By constantly building knowledge and experience, we build on strong customer service which makes it easier for us to help you choose the right solutions. At the same time, we always invest in employees who have the technical knowledge and people skills to support custom projects and orders in a correct and pleasant way from beginning to end. We aim to be a small to medium sized business that is close to its customers and that chooses local supply and production for short communication lines and fast delivery.

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Richard Ysebaert started in 1953 by selling and maintaining motors and generators for ships. In 1970 the product range was expanded with ships lighting and installation equipment. Not long later, battery chargers and transformers completed the assortment. In 1980, the company launched a business unit for explosion-proof electrotechnical products.
Frank Ysebaert took over the daily management of the company in 1987. Among other things, he started on electrical panel assembly. What was initially a mix of in-house production combined with external production, has developed into a specialised department where 99.9% of the custom work is done in-house today. In the past years, there has also been strong investment on the further development of the hybrid energy business unit.

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Quality system

Ysebaert takes quality very seriously, and we have been ISO9002-certified by SGS since 1995. Our quality system currently meets the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 standard, including our design activities and training.
For the production of explosion-proof material according to ATEX 114, our production quality assurance has been approved by DEKRA and this applies to assembled units as well as components with protection methods d, e, p, i, m and t.