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Wiska - new compact non-metallic LED luminaire 2010

Wiska is expanding it’s range of non-metallic luminaires with a new LED Multi-purpose Luminaire 2010.

Its lightweight and circular design is particularly suitable for installation in areas where there is not much space, such as hatch coaming areas or passage ways. Whether indoor or outdoor: Material and manufacture ensure the luminaire meets the demands of the rough seas. Thanks to the compact design installation is quick, easy and process-optimised – without having to open the luminaire. The power connection is made via an external connector.

The luminaire is IP66/IP68, made of polycarbonate, 1600 lm (15W) and designed for a lifetime of 50.000 hrs. Supply voltage can be either 230VAC or 24VDC.

More information on this luminaire can be found here.

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End-of-year period

We will be open for business throughout the holiday season. A skeleton team will handle urgent deliveries or collections. 

The Ysebaert team would like to thank you for the pleasant cooperation in 2023 and wishes you and your family a successful 2024.

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Wiska – New COMBI MAR 304 Junction Box and Switch

The new plastic COMBI MAR 304 junction box is the perfect successor/replacement for the brass 1149-1156 junction boxes. It has identical installation dimensions and it can be replaced like for like, and thus replaces 7 models of brass junction boxes in one fell swoop.
The COMBI MAR 304 is supplied as standard with 4 M20 (3-12 mm) cable glands and a 5-pole 4 mm² connector unit and offers waterproofing protection to IP66/67.
Besides the connector unit, there is also a new plastic switch to replace the brass 1133 switch, the equivalent COMBI MAR 304 SWITCH.
There are two versions of the COMBI MAR 304 SWITCH, on/off 2P and a 1P switch. Just like the junction box, the switch also has IP66/67 waterproofing protection and an M20 cable gland.

For more information, please visit:

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Glamox – MIR G2 Next Generation Waterproof LED Lighting

Glamox is launching the successor to the popular waterproof lighting MIR; the MIR G2.
The MIR G2 features a lower diffuser cover, improved fastening clips and new inner workings specially designed for LED.
The housing is made of acid-proof stainless steel or aluminium/zinc-treated steel with a white epoxy/polyester powder coating. It is also available in uncoated acid-proof steel. It is supplied with a diffuser cover manufactured in self-extinguishing (V0) and impact-resistant matt polycarbonate fitted with a single-unit silicone-free gasket and acid-proof steel clips.
The MIR G2 includes a hinged inner plate with a quick release coupling for easy maintenance.
It can be supplied with emergency lighting systems fitted with an internal battery or an external battery housing.
It also features, for example:

  • 2,500 – 11,000 lumens
  • Various cable gland configurations of 1-4 plastic or nickel-plated brass cable glands
  • Optionally fitted with DALI or light sensors to be incorporated into Light Management Systems (LMS)

Upon request, we would be happy to supply you with a list of conversions from MIR types to MIR G2
For more information, please visit this page.

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Business visit by Minister Paul Van Tigchelt

On November 16th we had the pleasure of welcoming Minister of Justice and the North Sea, Paul Van Tigchelt, on the occasion of the Day of the Entrepreneur. 

Lotte and Frank Ysebaert started with a company presentation and then the Minister was given a tour of the company, allowing him to personally discover the production of our ATEX cabinets and energy and lighting solutions.
He also took time for a chat with our employees. 

Lotte and Frank then had the opportunity to discuss with him the challenges they face as entrepreneurs. The Minister entered into a dialogue with them about this.

It was a very meaningful visit for which we would like to thank Unizo and the Minister!

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Up and running

After the fire of July 10, the Ysebaert team worked hard to resume our work as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, everything is up and running again.
All staff are back in the office and our building has been completely cleaned.
Visitors can therefore be received again.

Production of ATEX cabinets restarted on 7 August and employees are currently working hard to clear the backlog.
Due to the fire combined with the holiday period, we will have a few more weeks of delay here.

Thank you for the many statements of support and your understanding.

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Holiday period

We’ll still be here during the upcoming holiday period!
As always, you can rely on fast service. Delivery times might be a bit longer during this period due to collective shutdowns at a few of our suppliers.

The Ysebaert team already wishes you pleasant holidays!

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WISKA LED Multi-purpose Luminaire 4010

Discover the new WISKA LED Multi-purpose Luminaire 4010. The polycarbonate LED luminaire is especially suitable for extreme environments and ideal for the marine industry or any environment requiring heavy-duty light fittings.

The luminaire is available in a short or long version, with single, double or triple LED strips offering multiple luminous flux options (1200-7200 lumen).

Naturally, it is waterproof and has an ingress protection rating of IP66/IP67, IK10 impact resistance, and can be operated at -25°C and +50°C.

Please watch the introductory video on the WISKA product page.

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New Glamox DL70 LED Downlighters with B0 Fire Rating

The new DL70 is architecturally very pleasing and offers maximum efficiency and a wide range of reflectors and light outputs. 

A quick look at the numerous options available:

  • 2 housings, 1 of which has a B0 fire rating
  • 4 reflector colours: black, white, silver and matt silver (standard)
  • 3 light beams: wide beam, medium beam, narrow beam 
  • Luminous flux: 300-3500 lumen
  • Available in 24VDC and 230VAC
  • Battery backup
  • … and so much more

The DL70 is waterproof, has an IP55 ingress protection rating and a lifespan of 100,000 hours.

For more information, please visit the Glamox product page.

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New Glamox AL40-R Rectangular Recessed LED Luminaires with B0/B15 Fire Rating

The AL40-R is suitable for most marine ceilings: it is easy to install and is certified with a B0 and B15 fire rating (with extra insulation).   The (M) versions are approved for marine purposes.

The heavy-duty steel housing has a white RAL9016 powder coating and is available in a short and long version with a luminous flux ranging from 2200-3300 lumen.

The luminaire is supplied with adjustable fixing brackets for a ceiling thickness of up to 52 mm. The IP44 diffusers are made of a high-quality microprismatic (MP) or opal (OP) polycarbonate, with the option of incorporating matt silver reflectors (SM) to ensure very low glare and for a modern look.

The emergency versions are available with an external 3h battery (EB3), or in the short version with an internal battery (E3).

For more information, please visit the Glamox product page.

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Glamox – complete lighting line for offshore wind installations

Have you already seen our extensive offer of solutions for offshore wind installations?

Glamox and Ysebaert are the one-stop shop for all technical lighting for your offshore wind farms, vessels, electrical substations and topsides. 

Check out the Glamox website to see how we can help you save on carbon emissions while offering you the best lighting solutions on the market, or click on the button below to download the new digital brochure.

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Dirk Truyts retiring on 31 March

After more than 40 years of good and loyal service, we are bidding farewell to Dirk Truyts, who will be retiring on 31 March.

For the logistical department you can contact Guido Deleersnyder at the number 03 328 06 69 or via e-mail

We wish Dirk a long, healthy and very enjoyable retirement!

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Luminell powerful HMI searchlights

In addition to its LED searchlights SL1 and SL2 (see report of February 27), Luminell also offers a range of high-performance "dual head" searchlights with HMI lamps. The series includes 3 basic versions:

  • CL25 with 66,000 lumen and 1 lux at 3,200m
  • CL35 with 98,000 lumen and 1 lux at 5,300m
  • CL38 with 130,000 lumen and 1 lux at 6,100m

The dual head can be configured with 2 HMI lamps, a combination of HMI lamp and UV, or with two UVs. The CL series can be delivered in standing or hanging version and with optional integrated IR thermal camera.

The intelligent control system makes it possible to operate many searchlights and control panels in a network. The system can also be integrated with other onboard systems.

The tried-and-tested design and mechanical concept is very solid and all mechanical elements are built into the housing. This reduces problems due to external influences such as ice and corrosion. The housing itself is made of acid-resistant stainless steel and can withstand extremely heavy marine environments.

You can find more information about these Luminell searchlights here.

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LED replacement kits for Glamox / Aqua Signal fixtures

Given that fixtures with fluorescent lights (see report of November 21st) are currently being phased out, LED replacement kits have become an interesting alternative. Instead of replacing entire fixtures, the internal mounting plate can now be easily replaced. As a result, a fluorescent fixture can be converted into an LED fixture in just a few minutes. The housing, canopy and wiring can all stay just the way they are.

Switching over to LED offers a myriad of advantages:

  • Energy savings
  • Long service life of the LEDs
  • 5-year guarantee

We also recommend upgrading fluorescent fixtures with LED replacement kits instead of LED lamps. With the latter, the lamp holders often have to be replaced as well, and the wiring adapted; furthermore, they are often not approved for maritime applications.

There are replacement kits for the following fixtures: MIR, MIX, MAX, 1044, 1444, 1445, 1961 and GRX3.

You can find more information about LED replacement kits here:

We would be happy to advise you about the correct type numbers and prices.

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Luminell LED Searchlights

In addition to LED floodlights, Luminell also has an extensive range of motorised LED searchlights.

The SL1 is a simple LED searchlight using 24VDC that is very suitable for work ships and SAR vessels thanks to its very sturdy design and the wave compensation feature that is built in as standard.

Click here for more information about the SL1.

The SL2 is a dual-head LED searchlight that can be installed standing or hanging. The power supply is 24VDC or 230VAC. The SL2 is a very powerful searchlight providing a brightness of 40,000 lumen. The dimmable LEDs have a lifespan of 30,000 hours. The SL2 can be equipped with an infrared thermal camera.

Click here for more information about the SL2.

Click here for more information about the SL2 with an IR camera.

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Phasing out of Glamox floodlights 1076 with HPS/MH/halogen lamps

As a consequence of the ROHS guidelines, increasingly more gas discharge lamps are being phased out.

Due to the development of far better performing LED floodlights, Glamox has decided to phase out the 1076 floodlight series as of Q2 2023.

More specifically this concerns:

  • 1076 with HPS lamps (high-pressure sodium)
  • 1076 with MH lamps (metal halide)
  • 1076 with halogen lamps (R7s and with an E40 lamp base)
  • 1507 ballast units

Orders for these products can be placed up to 1 May 2023.

As an alternatives you can choose from the following range of LED floodlights:

  • 1076 LED
  • FL60 (probable phasing out in 2024)
  • FL70
  • RLX C (Luminell)
  • RLC D (Luminell)

Click on this link for more information about these floodlights.

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End-of-year period

We will be open for business throughout the holiday season with the exception of 26th December. All other days a skeleton team will handle urgent deliveries or collections. 

The Ysebaert team would like to thank you for the pleasant cooperation in 2022 and wishes you and your family a successful 2023.

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Phase out of T8 Fluorescent products during 2023

Due to the new ROHS directive regarding upcoming ban of T8 Fluorescent tubes in Europe by September 2023, we will phase out the following products during 2023

Exterior lights

  • MIR T8 – Last order 01 02 23
  • MIX T8 – Last order 01 02 23
  • MAX T8 – Last order 01 02 23
  • 1044 (T8) – Last order 01 01 23
  • 1444 (T8) – Last order  01 01 23

Interior lights 

  • TL14-W58 T8 – Last order 01 02 23
  • TL11-R250 T8 – Last order 01 02 23
  • TL11-R222 T8 – Last order 01 02 23

For all these old fluorescent T8 versions now being phased out  – Glamox offers a LED variant instead or LED replacement kit’s


Spareparts related to the lamps (lampholder, ballast, capacitor, etc.) will also be phased out at same timeline as above
Other spares, which are also used for LED versions (for example diffusers) will remain in the assortment. 

For more Information regarding the ban, please click here.

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Third generation at the helm of family business Ysebaert

Lotte Ysebaert has taken over the reins of Ysebaert NV from her father Frank Ysebaert, the third generation to spearhead the Belgian SME.

For 70 years Ysebaert NV has been delivering high-quality products and professional advice for the implementation of electrotechnical solutions. With hybrid energy systems, explosion protection and maritime lighting we put our expertise at the disposal of our customers. 

Grandfather Richard Ysebaert founded the company in 1953. His son Frank followed in his footsteps in 1987 and built Ysebaert NV into the company it is today. 
Several years ago Lotte Ysebaert took her first steps in the company and today it gives Frank great pride to announce that she has officially taken over as general manager of the family business. Lotte is ready to write the next chapter in the success story while adding her own touches. 
Frank will remain active and will help the Ysebaert team in an advisory capacity whenever necessary.

This change of management will not entail any noticeable changes for our customers or suppliers. You can continue to rely on us to provide top-tier products and we will continue to deliver the level of service you have become accustomed to over the past 70 years.

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Discover the compact and powerful Luminell explosion-proof floodlights

Luminell also has 2 explosion-proof floodlights in its range, the RLX Cx and the RLX Dx.

Both the encapsulated electronics and durable mechanics maximise the potential of the LED technology, for demanding applications. The RLX LED floodlight will endure very corrosive environments, as well as shocks and continual vibrations. It also lives up to strict EMC/EMI standards.

By utilising the various light-beam options, the RLX LED floodlight is the ideal floodlight to improve one’s total light solution.

  • ATEX and IECEx approved. Zone 2, 21 and 22
  • Low weight, 15 kg
  • No specific conditions for use or installation.“X-FREE”
  • Wide operating temperatures -55° C to +55°C
  • Extreme lifetime up to 320 000 hrs @ 25°C
  • Light efficiency up to 80% savings from conventional lamps
  • No flame path, no maintenance
  • Remarkable EMC/EMI characteristics
  • Crafted for demanding marine and offshore conditions

RLX CXZ Floodlight is a compact LED floodlight for hazardous areas, both ATEX and IECEx zone 1, 2, 21 and 22. Light weight, simple termination and no flame path to maintain. It is made to last from the inside out and demands no attention.

RLX Dx is Ex zone certified LED floodlight for tankers, oil rigs, and other hazardous areas. The RLX Dx LED floodlight is crafted to be appreciated from installation to end-user, both ATEX and IECEx. A zone 1 (DXZ1.21) and zone 2 (DXZ2.21) version is available.

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New range of Luminell floodlights

With the acquisition of Luminell by Glamox, we can now offer the Luminell floodlights. The Luminell floodlights offer powerful and constant illumination, provide increased safety and longer life despite the stresses of extreme environments. The quality of these floodlights will quickly become apparent when watching these videos: Luminell Made to last and Luminell fieldtest

The main features of the floodlights are:

  • Flicker Free
  • Made to handle shocks and vibrations
  • No maintenance
  • Designed and produced in Scandinavia
  • Compact, robust and sealed
  • Excellent EMC characteristics
  • Encapsulated internal electronics
  • No ballast required
  • Corrosion glass C5m

RLX B is a very compact and high output light for smaller and medium size boats. The small size makes it easy to install and fit anywhere and will insure great light on deck for many years.

RLX C is the smaller series floodlight that can replace 500W Halogen or smaller HPS/HMI lamps only by using 80W of power. RLX C has different beam options from 10-120 degrees, making RLX C able to give a good light impact also on long distances when choosing the most narrow beam options. It is a compact and powerful light for small and mid-size vessels.

RLX D Floodlight takes over the place of the traditional High Pressure Sodium and Halogen floodlights and are suitable for multiple areas of use. The RLX D is a powerful floodlight with proven endurance for harsh environments. The light distribution is excellent and will ensure a bright and safe working environment. Available with various beams , from Spot 10 degrees to 110/45 degree Wide beam.

RLX D is available in two Generations: Gen 2 and Gen 3.

Gen 2:

  • Relative small connection box
  • Meanwell PSU (Power Supply Unit)
  • 1 cable gland + 1 blind
  • Lower bracket

Gen 3:

  • Spacious connection box
  • Luminell Custom designed PSU (Power Supply Unit)
  • 1 cable glands + 3 blinds
  • Higher bracket
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No more worries about failing navigation lights with the new Series 75

Series 75 is a family of navigation lights with the newest LED and driver technology. They are suitable for all vessels ≥ 20 m in length. Series 75 sets new standards in terms of lifetime, efficiency and reliability.

Navigation lights are all about safety. Glamox have developed Series 75 to make worries about failing lanterns redundant. The main and the back-up systems are integrated in one housing, painted black. Long product lifetime has been an essential priority when designing this product family of marine lanterns. A smart, tamper proof countdown system will give the user a warning when it’s time to replace the lanterns. Even at an ambient temperature at 45°C the lifetime is 100 000 hours.

Series 75 fulfils all requirements of International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (COLREG) that are published by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), as well as local regulations.

Series 75 is available in Single version (Series 75), Double version (Series 75D), Single Arctic version (Series 75 Arctic) and Double Arctic version (Series 75D Arctic). Arctic versions are intended for use in low temperature areas (-40°C),, and includes a heating foil, on the inside of the glass lens.

Find your version here.

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Glamox acquires Luminell

Glamox AS has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares in the Norwegian company Luminell Group AS. Established in 2010, Luminell has achieved a strong position as a high-quality developer and supplier of floodlights, searchlights and lighting controls in the marine and offshore lighting market. Luminell is known for being user-focused and developing excellent lighting solutions for demanding applications. 

"Together, Luminell and Glamox will have a leading product offering in the global marine and offshore market for all vessel sizes," says Glamox CEO Rune Marthinussen. "The merging and strengthening of Luminell and Glamox product development capabilities will amplify our technological ambitions and benefit our customers."

"We are two companies with dedicated employees who have both achieved a significant position in the global market for maritime and offshore lighting," says CEO Bente Storhaug Dahl of Luminell. "Together, Glamox and Luminell will offer more complete solutions to all our customers and stand stronger together in the development of future solutions. Luminell will be part of the Glamox Global Marine and Offshore Division.

The floodlights and searchlights can already be found on the Glamox website.
For price or technical questions, you can always contact the Ysebaert team.

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End-of-year period

We will be open for business throughout the holiday season with the exception of 24th December. All other days a skeleton team will handle urgent deliveries or collections. 

The Ysebaert team would like to thank you for the pleasant cooperation in 2021 and wishes you and your family a successful 2022.

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New FL70 floodlight now also dimmable

The new FL70 floodlight from Glamox, with high light output and durable design, is now also available in an analogue dimmable version.

With an impressive lumen value of up to 54,000 and a system lifetime of 100,000 hours, the new FL70 from Glamox is one of the best options on the market.

By using the latest COB LED technology and LED driver technology, it offers a virtually maintenance-free solution for all high and medium intensity lighting requirements. The product design was subject to thorough heat conduction and dissipation simulations, resulting in optimal conditions for every component and ensuring a long service life.

Different applications on a ship or offshore platform require different beam angles.
The FL70 is available with 7 different opening angles. The FL70 is easy to install and is delivered with a large GFK junction box on the back or with a 5-meter cable. Each floodlight with junction box can be connected to two other floodlights.

Curious about the dimmable version? Check out the new models here.

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New map reading lamp from Glamox Chart Lamp T LED

Chart Lamp T LED is a versatile task light for professional applications where flexibility is of importance. It’s available in IP20 and IP43 versions. Dimmable version are also available.

Typical applications are Bridge and workshops.

The aluminum lamp head and rugged arm make it usable in a variety of industrial and professional environments. Can be supplied with an external plugin 230V adapter. The adapter’s protection class is IP20 and is tested to fullfil EMC 1/ Class B for Bridge.

Check out the reading lamp on our website.

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Bestseller AL60 cabin reading lamp updated

We are pleased to introduce a new addition to our family of energy-efficient cabin lights. The newest member of the AL60 family is the AL60-Cabin II berth light.
AL60-Cabin II is a development of our bestselling AL60-Cabin berth light. We have replaced the gooseneck of the old lamp with a flexible joint, which is designed for tilt and swing. This makes it easy to change the angle of the light, directing it exactly where you need it. It also gives the product a compact and elegant design.

The lamp head is designed for cooling to ensure a long lifetime for the LED technology inside. AL60-Cabin II is available with an integrated USB socket for charging.

AL60-Cabin II is available in several different versions, with or without the USB socket. The black version has a characteristic brass joint, which gives it a distinguished look. There is also an all-chrome version. Later, the chrome version will also be available with a white housing.

The adjustability, in combination with the elegant design, will make this berth light a popular member of the AL60 family.

Check out this berth lamp on our website.

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We support "Kom op tegen kanker"!

Once again this year we are donating our budget for end-of-the-year gifts to a good cause.

This year we will be contributing this amount to Kom op tegen kanker (Stand up against cancer, the Flemish cancer fundraising foundation). In this way we are helping them to prevent, combat and mitigate cancer and to campaign for a better cancer policy - hopefully bringing us a step closer to a world without cancer.

We wish you enjoyable holidays and a healthy and happy New Year!

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New Glamox offshore wind brochure

Wind turbines have an important role to play in the energy transition. Today their worldwide capacity is around 29GW, but in 2030 that figure is expected to be 234GW. Europe now has a total installed offshore wind capacity of 23GW, which corresponds to around 5200 grid-connected wind turbines and more than 115 offshore wind farms.

Glamox fittings meet all marine and offshore standards and are therefore ideal for installation on the offshore substation, offshore converter station and the turbines. Their new brochure offers a clear overview of which fittings can be used for what application.

Read more 30-11-2020

Wiska MagikNUT, quick and easy solution for EMC problems!

The use of polyamide cable glands in electrical installations is constantly increasing. Metal cable glands are currently used in the field of EMC solutions. With the new polyamide EMC locknut Wiska now offers an alternative for a polyamide EMC solution. The MagikNUT can be combined with all types of entries with a metric thread and offering much more flexibility for installers. At the same time, it provides high EMC protection and quick and easy installation.

The MagikNUT has a unique design. It has a polyamide outer body and a built-in stainless-steel clip mechanism for EMC shield connections. Due to the use of polyamide, the MagikNUT has a light weight design. Available in black and grey the MagikNUT comes in three sizes (M16, M20 and M25). 

How does it work?
When the locknut is tightened, the stainless-steel clip cuts into powder coating of the housing (or switchboard) ensuring the perfect contact. The claws of the stainless-steel clip provide the necessary contact to the shield. The EMC shield protection is now closed and a continuous contact from the shield to the housing is ensured.
Check it out.

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New FL70 floodlight with high light output and long service life

What are the most important characteristics of a good floodlight? Naturally, a high light output is very important, as well as a durable design requiring minimal maintenance.
With an impressive lumen value of up to 54,000 and a system lifetime of 100,000 hours, the new FL70 from Glamox is one of the best options on the market.

By using the latest COB LED technology and LED driver technology, it offers a virtually maintenance-free solution for all high and medium intensity lighting requirements. The product design was subject to thorough heat conduction and dissipation simulations, resulting in optimal conditions for every component and ensuring a long service life. 

Different applications on a ship or offshore platform require different beam angles.
The FL70 is available with 7 different opening angles. The FL70 is easy to install and is delivered with a large GFK junction box on the back or with a 5-meter cable. Each floodlight with junction box can be connected to two other floodlights.

Discover the FL70 in this video or on our website.

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RS battery MG with DNV approval

The RS battery from MG Energy has received the DNV GL certificate and thus may be used on classification ships, offshore units, high-speed vessels and light craft. 
This RS battery is a liquid cooled lithium-ion battery.
High safety and flexible system configurations were the design principles that applied when this battery was being developed.
A modular and compact design makes the system integration more flexible, above all in refit projects.
Thanks to the liquid, the battery remains at temperature so as to extend the service life of the cycle and to improve peak power performances.
You can find more information here

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Combatting Covid-19 with non-contact body temperature measurement via camera!

Our supplier Wiska, with its many years of experience in CCTV video surveillance for offshore applications, has recently marketed a new BTM system (Body Temperature Measurement).

This camera measures a person´s temperature and displays the result on a PC.

It is often used in public spaces, industrial buildings, shopping centres and hotels, and enables one to detect signs of possible infections at an early stage.

The system requires only 3 components: a dual camera, a blackbody unit and a PC. The body temperature is measured at a distance of 3 meters - still with an accuracy of 0.3 °C.

Depending on the product version, the device is able to measure up to 30 people simultaneously and in real time - as a result, the system can also be used in areas with high levels of traffic.

You can find more information in the annexed brochure. Don´t hesitate to contact us for a price quote.

Read more 27-07-2020

Be even safer at sea with the new LED blue navigation light!

The new LED blue navigation light from Aqua Signal is based on the Series 60 LED navigation lighting. Navigation lights are all about safety. Glamox has developed Series 60 to make worries about failing lanterns redundant.

Long working life

The series is designed for a working life of 100,000 hours at an ambient temperature of +45°C. That is twice as long as the working life of most of its competitors. To achieve such a long working life, the design must be robust and all components must be of high quality. It consists of a high-quality LED driver and driver technology and the use of materials that can withstand rough weather and changing temperatures, such as seawater-resistant aluminium, polycarbonate and toughened glass. The system working life of the LED light source and driver is 11 years of continuous runtime, 24 hours per day at an ambient temperature of +45°C.

Integrated countdown

You don't want to risk a lantern reaching the end of its life or failing while you are out at sea. That is why the Series 60 is equipped with a countdown system that tells you when it is time to replace the navigation light. In order to protect the system against tampering, the timer is integrated into each lantern, while the message is sent to and displayed on the control panel. The system shows the usage of the lantern, and indicates if it has been exposed to cold temperatures or rough weather, as well as conditions with less wear and tear. The system offers extra safety for the vessel.

Low EMC values

There are strict electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for lanterns that are installed close to the VHF aerial. These Series 60 lanterns have a low emission level and have been tested and meet the emission and immunity requirements of IEC 60945.

A flexible choice

Series 60 has been designed to work with the Aqua Signal Navigation lighting control panel, but the lamps offer a great deal of flexibility since they can also be controlled by third party panels (1). The products are easy to install, are secured with just four bolts, while the internal junction box leaves plenty of room for the connecting wires. It can be installed upside down.

(1) Compatibility must be confirmed by the control panel supplier.

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Choose the right navigation lights quickly and easily using a new online tool!

Navigation lighting needs to meet quite a lot of safety as well as functional requirements. Without extensive background knowledge, looking for the right lighting can be pretty time-consuming. That is why Glamox has developed a free online tool which guides you to the optimum choice of navigation lights and panels for your specific needs.

The tool takes account of parameters like the size and type of vessel, LED or conventional light sources, type of panel and voltages. You can even set special requirements such as Suez Canal and Panama lights. After going through the simple steps of the configurator, you will receive a report with recommended products for your project. Via this report, you can click conveniently to the recommended items where you will find all the technical information. You can save the report and forward it to us so that we can send you a price quote quickly for these items. Try out the new online tool via

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Wiska LED module series 1131 and 2000

Wiska has developed a special LED module to replace the incandescent light bulb in the fittings of its 1131 (brass) and 2000 series (polycarbonate).
The base plate with its pre-wired lampholder can be exchanged for a base plate with a LED module and driver.
The LED lamp is covered with a special lens so that the beam is similar to that from a traditional light bulb.

Existing lamps can be replaced by this new module. There are also some new models on the market that are delivered as standard with this LED module.

For the technical details of the new light fittings listed, you can view the technical information sheet below. 

10110592         1131/CR/clear/oT/LED-M/5W-1xZ14
10110593         2000/LED-M/clear/5W

You can also download the instructions for replacing the existing light bulbs with a LED module.

Article numbers: 
22001154         SP-1131-2000 ST/LED 230Vac/840
22001155         SP-1131-2000 ST/LED 230Vac/830

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This end of year Ysebaert supports Doctors Without Borders

As a festive gift, we will be making a donation to charity. This year we will be donating to Médecins sans Frontières. In this way we help them save lives of countless people in need.

And isn't life the most beautiful gift in the world?

Happy New Year!

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New Glamox navigation panel NL90

NL90 is used to control the operation of navigation and signaling lights onboard ships.

The solution is easy to install "plug and play", easy to use and can control a number of navigation and signal lights. It has short delivery from our factory and the configuration can be done onboard the ship after installation. The NL90 system is pre-configurated and delivered with a standard setup. The system fulfils all requirements for a complete navigation light installation for all ships, meeting all relevant standards and resolutions.

The complete unit contains of a main LCD display with touch panel for flush mounting, input modules for lanterns connection and power supply unit for mounting inside of bridge console.

NL90 is Bureau Veritas, CRS, GL and RINA certified.

Find out more information here.

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LED conversion kits

Converting existing fluorescent light fittings made by Glamox or Aqua Signal is simple and quick.

Glamox offers an LED replacement kit that is easy to use due to its tray design. All mechanical components, fittings and cable glands in the light fitting remain unchanged. The only thing that you need to change is the internal gear tray, a simple solution for converting to LED.

Conversion kits are available for the Glamox MIR and the Aqua Signal 1044/1444.
The table below is to help you choose.

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New Glamox downlight DL41

This low recessed downlight is designed according to marine norms. It fits nearly all ceiling thicknesses and has a B0 fire design. DL41 fits both cutout diameters 155mm and 145mm.

The luminaire body is made of galvanized white painted steel. Reflector of anodized aluminum with an integrated opalic diffuser in polycarbonate. Trims and decors are available in white, chrome or brushed aluminum.

The mounting of decors is easy with bayonet connection and due to quick connectors luminaire is easy to install. 

Trimrings, decor elements and light control elements have to be ordered separately, see accessories. Available as HF that also can be phase cut dimmed, as night light version HF-NL and as emergency light version HF-Z.

Find out more information here.

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Standard Glamox Aqua Signal luminaires

In recent decades, Glamox Aqua Signal has produced countless variants of its 1044/1444 waterproof luminaires. In order to streamline the production process and drastically cut delivery times, 16 standard luminaires have been identified that should cover 95% of the demand.

All models have electronic ballast and through-wiring.

You can choose from the following options:

  • LED (2200lm or 4500lm) or fluorescent (2x18W or 2x36W)
  • Zinc-coated housing (with plastic cable glands) or stainless steel (with brass cable glands).
  • With or without battery backup

The list attached will make it easier to choose and also mentions the MIR version (Glamox) for the LED light fittings.

At present, stocks of these luminaires are being built up, and the long delivery times should be a thing of the past by January 2020.

More info on the Glamox website or from Jan Lemmens +32 3 3280664.

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Glamox and Ysebaert present on Europort 2019 (Rotterdam)

From 5 - 8 November 2019 Europort, organised in the world port city of Rotterdam, will be the leading exhibition for special purpose vessels. Europort is thé business hub for the maritime sector, as the event focuses on specialised ships and the smart solutions which drive success. 

Glamox/Aqua Signal will present their latest novelties on LED lighting for technical spaces, accommodation and deck areas on their exhibition stand 7316. A selection of the presented products can be found in this leaflet.

Our Product Manager for Marine Offshore Lighting, Luc Baeyens, will be present on the Glamox stand on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th November to welcome our Belgian customers. You can contact him for an appointment by e-mail or by phone +32 473 569513.

We look forward to your visit.

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This year, Wiska is celebrating its centenary. It started life as Hoppmann & Mulsow, named after its 2 founders, and their first product was a brass junction box that complied with the HNA standard.

The WISKA brand name, an abbreviation of the German term for waterproof insulated cable fittings, has for some time now also been the official name of this family firm now headed by the third generation.

In order to supply top quality products, Wiska retains control of the entire process from development to delivery. Today, its 260-strong workforce develop, manufacture and deliver electrical equipment and materials, lighting and CCTV for wholesale and retail, industry and shipbuilding. 

Ysebaert has been your contact for Wiska maritime products in Belgium since 1970, and has been involved in everything that this partner has done for almost half a century.

We wish Tanja and Ronald Hoppmann and their team a fantastic 'centenary event' and a successful 2nd century.

You can find out more about Wiska's history here.

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New AX60-S explosion-safe LED light fitting

Glamox is launching a new explosion-safe light fitting for zone 1, which complies with the rules of the maritime classification societies and IEC standards.

The surface-mounted fixture is designed for interior applications and its design is similar to the AL6O family. The prismatic light cover gives superior light comfort with low glare.

The AX60-S comes in 2 lumen variants (1300 or 1600 lm) and is optionally available with battery backup for 1.5 or 3 h. The lifetime of the LEDs is 100,000 h at Ta 45°C.

Find out more information here.

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New EL40 LED emergency lighting from Glamox/Aqua Signal

The new EL40 LED escape route lighting has a compact, modern design with a focus on a low recessed/surface mounted depth.
The fittings are available for recessed fitting (EL40-R) or surface mounting (EL40-S), and the housings come in polished stainless steel or white painted steel.
Various standard pictograms are available, but custom designs are also possible.
The EL40 is IP67 with the Wieland IP67 quick connector. Other (IP20) connectors are available as an alternative enabling easy installation

Feel free to contact us for more information or take a look at our website.

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SMM 2018 - New products from WISKA

In early September we visited SMM 2018 in Hamburg, the largest trade fair for everything connected with shipbuilding and offshore facilities. Wiska, with its roots in Hamburg, launched a large number of new products including new camera housings, night vision cameras, Varitain Rack (reefer container sockets) and a lot more besides. You can find a complete overview with a link to more info here.

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New LED integrated spots at Glamox Aqua Signal

Glamox Aqua Signal continues to update its LED lighting range. The new DL40 integrated spot has been specially developed to create a luxurious, warm atmosphere. The compact design and limited mounting depth allows easy installation.

The DL40 has a light but robust aluminium housing and is available in white, chrome or gold colours. The dimmable version comes as standard, and the options include a night-light function and 'dim2warm' function for a cosy candlelight mood.

The following versions are available:

  • DL40 R108A with cutout 108 mm and tilt function
  • DL40 R92A with cutout 92 mm and tilt function
  • DL40 R70A with cutout 70 mm and tilt function
  • DL40 R70F with cutout 70 mm without tilt function

Click on the version for more information.

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LED lighting in offshore projects

Glamox Aqua Signal recently carried out an offshore project exclusively with LED lighting.

Compared with traditional lighting, the John Sverdrup offshore field will be making the following savings each year:

  • 90% on maintenance costs
  • 50% on energy consumption
  • 500 tonnes of CO2 emissions

A high-quality LED lighting installation also guarantees a safe working environment which is of the utmost importance in any offshore work.

You can find more information about this project here.

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New LED navigation lights: Glamox Aqua Signal series 61

In addition to the series 65 double LED navigation lantern, Glamox Aqua Signal is also introducing the LED navigation lantern series 61 in a single version for vessels > 50m.

This new series is designed for a lifetime of 100,000 h (11 years with continuous use) and has a built-in countdown system that warns the user when the lantern needs to be replaced. This warning is shown on the Aqua Signal navigation control panel (or panels from other manufacturers if compatibility is guaranteed). 

The integrated connection box leaves enough space for the connection cables, and if necessary the all-round lanterns can be mounted upside down. The supply voltage is 24VDC or 115V/230V AC.

To ensure Aqua Signal’s renowned product quality, these lanterns are subjected to extensive testing including shock tests (up to 15g), vibration tests (2.3g for 2 hours), climate tests (-25°C to +55°C), salt spray tests, EMC and IP testing.


Consult the product info sheet or our website.

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New LED navigation lights: the Glamox Aqua Signal series 60

Glamox Aqua Signal is introducing the LED navigation lantern series 60 in a single version for vessels between 20m and 50m.

This new series is designed for a lifetime of 100,000 h (11 years with continuous use) and has a built-in countdown system that warns the user when the lantern needs to be replaced. This warning is shown on the Aqua Signal navigation control panel (or panels from other manufacturers if compatibility is guaranteed). 

Series 60 dimensions are identical to the well-established series 55. The integrated junction box leaves enough room for the connections and if necessary, the all-round lanterns can be mounted upside down. The supply voltage is 24VDC or 115V/230V AC.

To ensure Aqua Signal’s renowned product quality, these lanterns are subjected to extensive testing including shock tests (up to 15g), vibration tests (2.3g for 2 hours), climate tests (-25°C to +55°C), salt spray tests, EMC and IP testing.

Consult the product info sheet or our website.

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New LED spotlights from Wiska

Wiska launches a complete new series of modular LED spotlights, the 5000 series.

The individual modules are made from a high-quality heat-conducting plastic and integrated in a stainless steel housing. Each module is 40W and up to 4 modules can be combined. Each module can also be individually switched in function of the light requirement. A protective grid in the front and a protective cover at the back are optional.

The main features include:

  • DNV GL certification
  • IP66/67
  • Light colour: 5,600 K
  • Luminous flux: 4,000 lm / module
  • Power: 40 W / module
  • Average life: > 50,000 hours
  • Temperature range: -30 °C - 55 °C
  • Colour rendering index: > 80

Feel free to contact us for more information or take a look at our website.

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Glamox Aqua Signal, 150 years of safety on the sea

Glamox Aqua Signal celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. Founded in 1868, "Ahlemann & Schlatter" mainly produced petroleum navigational lanterns.

Since 1995, Aqua Signal has become part of the Glamox group. 

Today the "Aqua Signal" brand is synonymous with high-quality lighting on board ships and in offshore constructions. Over the last 10 years, all new developments have focused on LED lighting ranging from navigation lighting to full interior lighting.

Since 1973, Ysebaert NV has been the official representative of Glamox Aqua Signal.

You can read the full press release here.

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TL60 LED now also available with 6000lm

The technical lighting TL60 LED by Glamox/Aqua Signal is now also available with a light output of 6000lm and is the same length as the 4500lm version; in other words, more light with the same fixture. The other specifications haven’t changed and naturally the 5-year warranty applies to this version as well.

More details on this model in these datasheets:

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New emergency lighting E20-S G2 LED by Glamox/Aqua Signal

The E20-S G2 LED emergency lighting has an entirely new design in addition to a low energy consumption and high impact resistance IK08. This luminaire replaces the GEF1x8WT5, which has been discontinued. The advantages of the E20-S G2 LED are:

  • Energy consumption of just 2W
  • IP65
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Self-test or DALI addressable
  • 1 or 3 hours of autonomy
  • IK08 impact resistance
  • 230VAC and 24VDC versions
  • 5-year warranty
  • Single- and double-sided versions

More information on the Glamox website.

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New technical lighting TL50 LED by Glamox/Aqua Signal

As an addition to the popular series of TL60 technical LED luminaires, Glamox is also introducing a short version based on the same unique aluminium profile. The new series is available in 24VDC and 220/240VAC in 2 light outputs: 800lm (24VDC) and 1000lm (220/240VAC). Several mounting accessories facilitate installation and the 5-year warranty also applies to the TL50.

More information on the Glamox website.

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Glamox AL42 - a compact LED bed light

Glamox AL42-W is a compact designed bed light. It has a characteristic modern look and is designed to meet maritime requirements.

AL42-W is available with integrated on off switch (S), or touch switch that is dimmable (S-DIM), or touch switch that is dimmable and with an integrated USB socket for charging (S-DIM and USB).

Due to the LED technology the light is energy saving with only 6 W at 353 lm light output. It is easy to install - only three screws for fixing, connect and fix cover. The bed light is flexible to cover 110 - 230 V, 50 - 60 Hz.

More information on the Glamox website.

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Glamox TV - worth a look

A picture is worth a 1000 words, and this proverb certainly applies to the Glamox / Aqua Signal TV channel. The viewer is treated to beautiful videos of "Light Applications" on ships and in marine environments; a real source of inspiration. In addition to videos, technicians can deepen their knowledge of LEDs through various webinars.


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Downlight for B15 ceilings now available

The DL42-R77 is a compact LED downlight specifically designed for integration into B0 or B15 fire approved ceilings. The use of fire resistant materials combined with a unique heat sink makes this downlight a perfect choice for B15 ceilings. With the use of the DL42-R77 there is no need for any additional heat caps on the opposite side of the ceiling to keep the B15 approval. The installation of the luminaire is easy with three self-tapping screws. The DL42-R77 comes with an integrated HF driver, analogue dimming, nightlight or emergency light function is optional. Various decor designs are available to customer’s choice.

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New universal indoor lighting TL44-S and TL44-S LED

Along with the TL50 LED, Glamox / Aqua Signal introduces a new universal indoor lighting fixture (IP44). This luminaire housing can be supplied for fluorescent lamps or LEDs.

With its slim design and efficient functionality, TL44-S is a practical solution for many different situations. It is easily fitted onto ceilings or walls, rails, or horizontal wires. With the optional vibration damping suspension it is also well suited for evacuation shelters or areas of high vibration. TL44-S is equally elegant in a corridor or on the bridge or in an engine room with stringent demands for IP class and high luminosity.

The luminaire housing is made of Galvfan with external white epoxy/polyester powder coated finish. Also available in grey. End caps in PC/ABS. Delivered with or without anodised aluminium reflector. TL44-S is supplied with light sources from 14W to 49W. This ensures good lighting efficiency in combination with 4 different opal or clear diffusers.

TL44-S can be supplied with dimming, with 1 or 3 hour emergency lighting on most versions and some variants can be delivered with an ultrasonic movement sensor. The luminaire is quick and easy to fit, easy to install, easy to maintain and has low energy consumption. All this adds up to very low lifetime costs.

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New waterproof LED luminaire from Glamox

During the SMM2016 in Hamburg, Glamox / Aqua Signal launched some new products including the TL50. This waterproof (IP66/67) LED luminaire is the "light" version of the TL60 with an 80,000-hour lifespan instead of 100,000 for the TL60 and slightly modified dimensions. Similar to the TL60, the TL50 is also available with different attachments (Aqua Signal or Glamox version). There are two basic models, the 2200lm and the 4500lm, and optionally also an emergency power version.

More information on the Glamox website.

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New Aqua Signal lighting catalogue for sailing and motor boats

Aqua Signal (part of the Glamox Group) is bringing out its new catalogue. With as its theme “Competence in Lighting” they present a widely-varied offer of lighting for sailing and motor boats. This year the emphasis is again being placed on LED navigation lighting and an extensive choice of LED interior lighting.

Ask for your copy from Jan Lemmens at Ysebaert ( or +32 (0)3 3280664) or download a copy here.

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SOLAS and Wheelmark approved handheld LED searchlight

Bremen is the latest handheld LED searchlight from the maritime lighting brand aqua signal, and has been designed as a luminaire for nearly all kinds of search operations. The energy efficient searchlight provides morse capability for emergency situations at sea. It is certified with the internationally known wheelmark which aims to increase security at sea. The Bremen LED is suitable for life boats and also commercial crafts under SOLAS and MCA regulations. It can be used inside and outside of any vessel. Aqua signal’s searchlight comes with a 5 year warranty.

Handheld search lights are vital tools for night sailing and landing manoeuvres. They can also be used for anti-collision protection when placed on the sails for visibility, and can illuminate odd items in the water or most importantly an overboard crew member. It is mandatory to have a handheld searchlight ready in a cockpit when at sea. A handheld light can fix on someone in the sea while the vessel is pitching and rolling – something which is almost impossible to do with a mounted searchlight.

Maritime requirements
The Bremen LED is designed for use on motor and sailing vessels under extreme environmental conditions. It is used by coastguards and military staff all around the world. The rubber black housing gives it a solid grip, and it is designed with an extended front edge for protecting the lens. The whole housing is impact and shock resistant, non-corrosive and non-magnetic. An ingress protection of IP68 is a requirement when at sea, and it protects the light from dust and is suitable for continuous immersion in water.

The 12 Watt LED module is covered by a clear fresnel lens. As a certified LED searchlight, it is tested for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). It is usable with 12-24 Volts.

The Bremen LED is manufactured for hand held use, but a clamp bracket for side mounting and a slip-on bracket for deck mounting is available. This search light requires a waterproof deck plug & socket (or cigarette lighter plug & socket) in order to be installed.

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Glamox TX60 LED - New replacement for fluorescent fitting

Glamox sets a new standard for reduced cost of ownership with-in the oil & gas industry with TX60 LED for Ex zone 1 applications. Its design is perfect for use in harsh areas, with an impressive temperature range down to -50°C up to +55°C.

TX60 LED can be used as a direct replacement for the T8 fluorescent fitting. No new lighting calculations are needed. The mounting fixings can easily replace most T8 hazardous fittings on the market due to the flexible design.

The advanced IC driver technology is class leading and offer 100 000 hrs at +45C with no system lifetime limitations. The fixture has an impressive temperature range from as low as -50C up to +55C.
TX60 LED will ensure a safe and high visual working environment for personnel due to its high quality colour rendering.

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A new look for the WISKA website

Wiska recently gave its website a new look. The entire website now looks fresh and highly organised. The products section is easy to navigate and provides detailed technical information on all products. We hereby invite you to visit

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New AL60 series of Glamox LED interior lighting

The new AL60 interior lighting series is specially designed for LED and marine applications. It includes a berth light, mirror luminaire, circular surface mounted luminaire, 2 rectangular luminaires for indoor use (IP54) and 2 rectangular luminaires for outdoor use (IP65). Glamox luminaires are high quality and come with a 5-year warranty.
More information is available in the brochure.

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New CCTV film from Wiska

Wiska launches a new product film about the maritime camera surveillance. You find out all interesting facts about qualities, application possibilities and variations of their CCTV systems. Look is worthwhile!

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The youngest member of the Wiska Combi family

Mounting and connecting a junction box has never been easier, now that the Wiska Combi series has included a new model: the Combi 407. This 3D animation shows how to install this junction box quickly, efficiently and easily. The IP68 junction box is an interesting option for marine applications.
The technical features are provided on the datasheet.

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FL60 Spotbeam - LED area light for longer distances

The FL60 Spotbeam is the newest addition to the well-known family of FL60 LED area lights. The FL60 Spotbeam is available as a 4-module version. It is an excellent choice for illuminating longer distances with 200 lux at 20 metres. The light is exceptionally bright and instantly illuminates areas where lighting is required fast.

Heat management is a deciding factor in the development of new LED solutions. The Glamox FL60 Spotbeam was specifically developed to meet this challenge and can be used in ambient temperatures from -30°C to +45°C. The choice of LED system and clever design ensure the area light is virtually maintenance free. This means substantial savings in manpower as well as energy savings of approx. 25%.
View the product information sheet here.

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Explosion-proof LED area light for ceiling and pole mounting

The Glamox TX65 is a new explosion-proof LED area light for pole and ceiling mounting. The TX65 is suitable for use in zones 1 and 2 and is maintenance free. Other characteristics are its long lifetime (100,000 hours) and high light output.

The Glamox TX65 does not have a conventional driver. The device has a LED system with new IC driver technology. Heat management is a deciding factor in the development of new LED solutions. The Glamox TX65 was specifically developed to meet this challenge and can be used in ambient temperatures from -50°C to +55°C. The choice of LED system and clever design ensure the area light is virtually maintenance free. This means substantial savings in money and manpower.
View the product information sheet here.

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COMBIMAR - plastic junction box

As an alternative to brass junction boxes, WISKA markets a special series of plastic junction boxes under the name COMBIMAR. The junction boxes are suitable for use above and below deck.

By making use of brass earth tags, brass cable glands can be used for EMC applications.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • Certified by DNV GL
  • Weight savings compared to brass junction boxes
  • Both impact- and UV-resistant
  • IP66/67
  • Flexible cable gland inlets (cable glands to be ordered separately) or membrane
  • VO, halogen-free
  • 4 different models
  • Cover with quick-closing screws

More information in the datasheet.

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Use of VentGLAND recommended

In order to prevent condensation problems, we recommend using the WISKA VentGLAND. The higher the IP value of a device, the more condensation problems arise, since due to pressure differences (e.g. due to daytime/nighttime temperature differences) inside and outside the device, humid air will penetrate into the device and condense. Using a VentGLAND which compensates these pressure differences resolves this problem.

The VentGLAND can be supplied in brass or plastic and in a range of versions. A VentPlug with the same functionality also forms part of the delivery programme.

More information about how the “Venting” principle works and the products on

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Mobile splitter for reefer containers

In order to safely increase the number of reefer containers on board, WISKA has developed a mobile splitter. The unit is equipped with 2 sockets, each protected with a 20A automatic fuse. The sockets are of the PushIn type, so that the plug is always inserted or pulled out voltage-free. This is a requirement under IEC 60309. The units are also approved by DNV GL.

The mobile splitter is delivered complete with 32A plug, 2 metre cable and suspension hooks.

More information in the datasheet.

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Return on investment of LED lighting

More and more ship owners and shipping companies have been convinced by the many advantages of LED lighting aboard their ships. A positive “Return on Investment” is at least as important as the more technical advantages (see news item with user experiences).

Glamox Aqua Signal has developed a calculation tool that estimates the payback period compared to conventional lighting.

You can use this tool via this link or contact  Luc Baeyens, product manager at Ysebaert, for support or explanation. We also have models of most LED lighting on display in our showroom. Ask Luc for a demonstration.

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User experiences with LED lighting from Glamox Aqua Signal

In an earlier news item, we already reported to you about the new LED TL60 luminaires, and now we’d like to share two user experiences with you. The first from Hoëgh Autoliners, which equipped their 6 most recent ships entirely with LED lighting. The second user experience is from the Atlantic Viking, a “factory trawler”.

 The primary reasons the owners chose LED lighting from Glamox Aqua Signal were:

  • Energy savings of 50% on lighting
  • Savings on maintenance costs (changing lamps)
  • Better light, thus better working conditions for the crew
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Quality of the products
  • Environmentally-friendly (less emissions)

You can read the full articles here (Glamox Aqua Signal website) :

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LED floodlight for Ex zone 1: FX60 LED

The FX60 floodlight manufactured by Glamox Aqua Signal comes with the most up-to-date LED technology. It is suitable for use in hazardous areas (hazard zones 1 and 2). By comparison with conventional floodlights it needs no maintenance, has a longer service life and it is also more efficient.

As the control units are often the weakest element in LED lighting solutions, we have equipped the new FX60 with an innovative driver technology. This facilitates the optimum system efficiency it promises and makes it possible to operate the floodlight in extreme temperatures ranging from minus 50 degrees to plus 55 degrees Celsius.

Comprehensive tests have moreover demonstrated that the maintenance intervals required for the FX60 – when used on offshore facilities, for example – are at least five times as long as those of conventional floodlights. As floodlights are frequently installed in areas that are difficult to access without scaffolding or the help of industrial climbers, the extended maintenance intervals of the FX60 floodlight will reduce operating costs enormously.

More information is provided by this datasheet and the product section of our website.

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New design : TL60 LED from Glamox Aqua Signal

The TL60 LED is an innovative watertight LED luminaire. The special designed housing for LED application, optimal heat management and long life time, makes the TL60 a "one of a kind" solution for demanding applications.

Thanks to substantial energy savings, this luminaire has a short payback time on investment compared to a conventional luminaire.

More information is provided by this datasheet and the product section of our website.

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Ysebaert 60 years

Ysebaert NV is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year and we have taken this opportunity to update our logo. We have deliberately chosen more colours to refer to our 3 business units:

  • Ex zone
  • Hybrid energy
  • Marine offshore lighting

Together with the new logo and the new business unit names, we are introducing a fresh new business style to all our communication.

Our website has also been fully adjusted to the new corporate identity. It provides a lot of useful information to help you achieve your projects. The website is frequently updated with new content, please pay a visit on a regular basis.

Our corporate identity has changed, but Ysebaert still stands for quality, service and professional advice.

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