Solutions that bring activities into the light

Ysebaert sells fixtures and fittings and also provides advice and guidance for your ideas about energy efficient lighting solutions. We use a lighting study to analyse your lighting needs, installation and ease of maintenance (in relation to the applicable regulations) and we calculate how much you can save with an intelligent solution. You can use the lighting study to optimise existing situations or for new designs.

Energy efficient

We’ll work with you to find the best value. For technical, accommodation and navigation lighting, we look for innovative solutions that have proven their efficiency. We help you to save without compromising to the necessary lighting. Your current solution is not yet ready for replacement, but you still want to invest in energy efficiency? Ask about our special conversion kits and invest more in LEDs by tomorrow.

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Maritime and offshore lighting requires robust solutions. Both our lighting fixture and installation fittings include brands that guarantee a high degree of reliability. We closely follow developments in the standards for professional shipping and supply products that bear the necessary certification. The products are subjected to rigorous testing such as vibration tests, drop testing, temperature testing, IP testing against water and particles, UV testing, etc. For more information about these tests, you can download the brochure 'Dedicated to quality' or view the Glamox video.


You will find an extensive choice of products in our catalogue. Should you choose fluorescent or LED lighting for your specific application? Which light fitting offers the best safety? Would it be better to choose a stainless steel or a plastic housing? And what if the lighting is in an EX zone? Based on our years of experience, we ask the right questions and recommend the best solutions.

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Since 1970

Ysebaert has been working with products from Aqua Signal/Glamox and Wiska since 1970. This partnership benefits you in two ways. On one hand, you can count on our in-depth knowledge of their product range, so that we can recommend the right product. On the other hand, this proves our satisfaction with the quality of their solutions.

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Products & components

Ysebaert is one of the few suppliers from which you can order separate components as well as complete fixtures. We’ll supply a clear data sheet for larger projects or at the customer’s request. This contains a detailed description of all the components. If a component needs replacing, you will find it in the specifications, which make it easy to order. For older products, we can also quickly find an alternative part for you on the basis of the specifications.

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