WISKA is a supplier of lighting and electrical installation equipment.

Wiska has been a supplier of installation and lighting equipment for over a century, as well as supplying camera systems for shipping. From cable glands and junction boxes to searchlights, spotlights and refrigerated container electrical sockets to CCTV systems. Wiska offers high-quality innovative products. Ysebaert has been your contact for Wiska marine products in Belgium since 1970, and has therefore been involved with everything this partner has been doing for almost half a century.

Glamox / Aqua Signal

Glamox: generations of experience and the latest technology 

Glamox is a leading supplier of lighting solutions for the marine sector.
They offer a range of lighting brands such as Aqua Signal, Glamox, Luxo, LINKSrechts and Norselight.
The products and solutions are developed and tested by engineers in their own research and test facilities, and made and certified according to all relevant quality and environmental standards. They are based on the latest technology and expertise.

  • Aqua Signal supplies high-quality lighting solutions and supplies lighting products that are designed and manufactured to meet all relevant standards for quality and performance at sea.
  • Glamox is a leading lighting brand for professional markets, both onshore and offshore, and was established in 1947. The wide range of Glamox products is of superior technical quality and available for a whole spectrum of applications - including challenging environments.
  • Luxo has been developing innovative, ergonomic lighting products with sprung arms for over 75 years. Luxo products improve the lighting conditions, taking into account individual requirements.
  • Norselight offers additional safety and security by supplying high-quality searchlights that work reliably even under the most extreme conditions.
  • LINKSrechts offers an extensive range of LED lighting systems for marine applications, including design, integration and programming. The product range also includes landing aid systems for helicopters.